Banking Suite

Protect and secure your network of automatic teller machines (ATMs).

Our Banking Suite is a digital video security system custom-designed for ATM networks, which integrates video surveillance modules with your existing ATM transaction system. Our Banking Solution monitors cameras and other sensors to reduce instances of fraud and vandalism by watching for signs of suspicious behavior. Our Banking Solution is intelligent: it notifies your operators as soon as something happens that’s out of the ordinary, so they can investigate and take direct action. Unlike competing systems, there’s no need for operators to watch each sensor readout, every minute. You save on human resources and prevent operator burnout. Plus, Our Banking Solution sends video and other signals over communications channels that are already in place. And unlike other systems, Our Product’s unique Motion Wavelet video compression means you don’t have to install additional bandwidth to get the benefit of intelligent, distributed video security for your ATM network — a significant cost savings.

  • Universal: combine any and all security applications, systems and devices, even legacy devices, into a single environment, and increase the value – and potential – of your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Simple & Flexible: Our Product’s Enterprise’s object-oriented architecture means it’s easy to install, use and manage, and requires minimal training and support.
  • Scalable: Unlike standalone systems, Our Banking Suite is easy to upgrade and expand if your needs change.
  • Modular: choose the features you want — such as face recognition and ATM — for a customized security solution with lower long term TCO.