Traffic Control Suite

Monitor and secure transportation, vehicles, and transport areas.

Our Traffic Control Suite integrates video surveillance modules with intelligent transport and traffic detectors, as well as car and railway car license plate recognition. Whether you’re monitoring a thoroughfare, parking lot, or railway, automatic license plate recognition ensures that only authorized cars are permitted — or that hijacked or stolen cars are identified and the authorities are notified. Traffic detectors warn you of possible bottlenecks and give you the information you need to assess congestion, prevent roadblocks, and plan for future expansion. For railways, identification plate recognition ensures that train cars are correctly ordered for maximum efficiency, and helps you track cargo anywhere in the railway network. With inexpensive in-vehicle GPS systems, Traffic Control can track vehicles to help you manage logistics, optimize routes, and prevent loss. Our Traffic Control is your silent co-pilot that’s always on the lookout.

  • Automatically recognize and log license plates — even on moving vehicles.
  • Intelligent traffic detectors relay data in real-time, so you can respond quickly and avoid problems.
  • Interacts with traffic lights, barriers and other roadway and/or transportation system devices.
  • Suitable for parking lot and public or commercial transportation monitoring and security.
  • Easy integration with your existing hardware and software — even legacy systems.